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Updated June 17, 1999

This page highlights many delightful local and regional herbal shops, gardens and farms. Various and sundry herbal tips, facts and lore are also included.

Alloway Creek Gardens

Alloway Creek Gardens is located at 456 Mud College Road outside of Littlestown, PA. They offer not only a wide variety of plants and herbs, but also run a myriad of workshops. Their newsletter includes a Plant List, Herbal Happenings and Shows. For booklovers, there are a variety of books and you can stroll the grounds, enjoying the flowers and the fragrances. Spring 1999 hours are May 1-June 20: Monday to Saturday 10-4 & Sunday 12-4; June 23-September 25: Wednesday to Saturday 10-4. Other hours by appointment. Call (717)359-4548 for more information.

The Rosemary House and Gardens, Inc.

The Rosemary House and Gardens, Inc. in Mechanicsburg, PA is located at 120 South Market Street. They are open March through December and offer a wide variety of workshops. Their Calendar of Herbal Events which recently came out, features upcoming workshops, Travelling Herb Seminars and some new blends and mixes, including: Herbal Soup Mix, Herbal Cookie Mix and Herb "Brew" Bread Mix. They also have a wide selection of herbal books, dried flowers, floral and herbal oils, herb teas, botanicals, herb plants and more! For more information, contact The Rosemary House, Susanna Reppert, 120 South Market St., Mechanicsburg, PA 17055 or call (717) 697-5111

Willow Pond Farm

Willow Pond Farm in Fairfield, PA features the most delightful little surprises, many of them edible. This husband and wife team offer more than two dozen varieties each of herbal jellies and vinegars. I bought 4 of the jellies(and had a hard time deciding which ones I wanted!). The two most pungent jellies are Spicy Rosemary (featuring rosemary, of course, cinnamon and cloves) and Orange Basil(you really need to be a basil fan to like this one, as basil is one of the main ingredients). Less pungent and more relaxing, is Pineapple Sage(made with pineapple sage tea and apple cider). This one goes good on toast with a hot cup of tea. The mildest-flavored jelly, with a delicate taste, is Lilac(yes, there are real lilac blossoms in this one!). Besides the jellies, Willow Pond Farm offers everlasting flowers, demonstration gardens(featuring culinary and medicinal herbs and edible flowers), nature walks and classes in cooking with herbs, dried flowers, crafts and growing of herbs. From Gettysburg, go West 8 miles on PA. Rt. 116 to McGinley Drive, which turns into Tract Road. Left 1/4 mile to Willow Pond Farm. Hours are Thursday-Saturday, 9:00a.m.-5:00p.m. Stop in and say "hello" and sample some of the jellies! Yummie!!

Herbal Beauty Tips

Lavender water is good for oily skin and is helpful for acne. Lavender is also a hair stimulant.
Rose water cleans and refreshes skin. Mix with glycerin for a lotion for hands.
Chamomile used in lotion softens skin and keeps it firm. Used in shampoo it puts highlights in blonde and brown hair.
Fennel lotion guards against wrinkles. It is a slightly astringent skin tonic.
Nettle can be used as a rinse to condition hair and prevent dandruff. It is good for oily skin.
Peppermint is a cooling bath herb for hot summer days. It is healing and astringent in facial masks.

The Meaning of Flowers

Carnation: Pure, deep love
Daffodil: Unrequited love
Marigold: I'm sorry
Red Rose: I love you
Tulip: I love you
Blue Violet: I am most faithful
White violet: You are most pure
Zinnia: I long for you
Fern: Sincerity
Lilac: Love's first emotion
Lily of the Valley: May happiness be ours

If you ever visit the farmers' markets in York, PA, be sure to stop in at Burg's Restaurant in the Penn Street Market. I took my children there when they were wee tads and we lived just around the corner. The faces behind the counter are different now, but the food is still great! The restaurant has place mats that give food for thought while you are waiting for your meal. Here is some lore from one of their placemats!

Granny's Remedies

A flannel shirt soaked with lard and turpentine cures chest congestion in the winter time.
Indians used tobacco as an astringement for cuts.
Carry camphor gum and you will not catch smallpox or contagious diseases.
Bread mold applied directly to wounds to prevent infection.
Catnip, made into tea, acts as a mild sedative.
Garlic is rubbed on bald spots to produce hair. It also cures dandruff.
Carry an onion in your pocket to ward off fits.
Dirty socks tied around the neck to drive away sore throats.
Axle grease is good for burns.
A nutmeg tied around the neck will prevent nerualgia.
A piece of red woolen yard tied around the neck will prevent nosebleed.
Freckles will go away if stump water is put on them.

Guys, take note of this one!!! Take of ants, one pound, boiling water four pounds. Infuse for three hours, press out the liquid and steam(this is an excellent stimulant, and it is used as a lotion in impotency).

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