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This page is dedicated to the friends and supporters who share their "spirit" with others. I was honored to be invited to participate in the Web Brawls a while ago. I am proud to honor those other participants who supported me! Please visit their sites. I will also honor anyone else who has given of themselves, whether they be friend or stranger. Just remember that a "stranger" is a "friend you haven't met yet"!

Friends & Supporters of the Web Brawls (-:

"Mystical Unicorns"

Still Singing
Mary Jane's Homepage
Bega's Place
A Tale of Two Unicorns
Ocean Blue's Lair

Thanks to these Pixies for Spreading "Pixie Sprinkles" onto my Site!

Pixie WolfeyJoker
Pixie Love Light

Thank you to "ANRUAL" for sending me "day-brighteners" through the email!

Thanks to Kirby for the steadfast love and for protecting the house. Rrruffff!

"Faerie" much appreciation and "merryiads" of thanks to Bibi the Glimmerslyph! She is my kindred spirit and virtual soulmate!

Thank you Jo, for the beautiful porcelain violinist statuette and for being a fantastic neighbor and friend!

Thanks to "Sweet Dreamer" for the gentle sounds of rain!

Kubiandos to Faerie Lynne for the exquisite rainbow wings!

Love to Heidi, Louis, Elena and Naylin: just because you're all so special!

Thanks to Donna, for understanding me so well and for always having a smile and a sunny disposition, along with a tender heart!

Thank you to "Wild Sage Woman" for giving my site such a heart-warming tribute! Perhaps we'll meet some day!

Thanks to Jim Cassatt who has been writing to me since he first visited my site about three years ago. We've never met in person, but he sends me jokes, greetings, musical tidbits and train pictures!

Hugs and kisses to Lucy, Queen of Spoutwood, for the beautiful hand created Christmas card! The card is exquisite!

Many kubiandos to Michael the Ironsmith Faerie, Sparkles, LunaKat, Highland Farms, Greenman, Trolland and all the wonderful folks on the egroups list who spread wondrous magic around every time they speak!

Happy Thoughts to Sue for going on all those stress-bustin' walks with me! We really walk and talk the doldrums away! And the tea afterwards is just the right finishing touch!

Purple Faerie by Enchanted Hollow


If I can stop one heart from breaking,
I shall not live in vain;
If I can ease one life the aching,
Or cool one pain,
Or help one fainting robin
Unto his nest again
I shall not live in vain.

Emily Dickinson


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Updated May 18, 2001